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Visa Simple is UK’s one of the leading immigration consultancies in providing bespoke support to those seeking immigration to the UK. . Established in September 2013, Visa Simple is a specialist UK immigration consultancy firm dealing all types of UK Immigration and Nationality applications. We see each applicant as an individual, not just a name on the application form.

Visa Simple has been selected & rated as one of the top 3 best immigration consultants in London for the year 2019 by 'Three Best Rated'.

At Visa Simple we love what we do, and take pride on our clients success. Immigration is our main focus and specialisation, unlike our competitors who try to deal with all areas of law. The UK Government is tightening the Immigration Laws and changing rules and regulations frequently. We remain updated with the changes. This has helped us immensely in getting our clients UK visa approved without any problem.

In the current economic situation, most people are hesitant to use a professional immigration company because of preconceived high costs involved in engaging them. We understand this and offer variety of services required by the clients. We have designed tailor made services to meet our client’s need. These will not only encourage clients to submit their own application with some guidance, but also will be cost effective.

Visa Simple does not have any separate sales and case working teams, but just one expert team from your first communication to your visa approval. We are registered at Level 3, the highest level of registration with the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner. Our team consists of experienced consultants who have more than 10 (ten) years of hard core immigration experience and knowledge. This has helped us in securing our clients future in the UK!

How We Work?

You get in touch

If you contact us for your visa application on phone, our experienced UK Immigration expert will usually be able to talk to you there and then. Otherwise, we will give you a call back as soon as possible, usually on the same day.

If you contact us via email or through contact us form, we will get back to you usually on the same day.

Initial discussion

We will discuss the issue in a phone call to see whether we can help you. We will also check your eligibility for your visa application free of cost & with a no obligation on your part to employ our services. We will also discuss our services and our associated fees. If there is any challenges/risk with your application, we will inform you.


During your initial discussion, if you show interest on any of our services, we will send you over our terms and conditions for your visa. This document will give details of the services we will offer and the fees for these services. It will also contain terms of engagement of our services.


Once you are happy to proceed and engage us for your chosen service, we will start your visa application process. You will be assigned an experienced immigration consultation to ensure that your ILR UK Visa Application process is simplified, hassle free and successful.

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